Madrid's Royal Palace: A Regal History

The Royal Palace Madrid is a testament to Spain's rich history and ongoing monarchy. The palace's tale is as fascinating as its architecture, steeped in wealth and majesty. The history of the Royal Palace of Madrid began when the original Alcazar Palace was destroyed by fire in 1738. After that, the palace's construction began in 1738 and took almost two centuries to complete.

However, the palace was more than just brick and cement, it was a labour of love from many architects, builders, and artists who dedicated their passion to this gigantic project. It has entertained monarchs and world leaders, witnessed ceremonies and events that impacted Spain's fate, and has stood resilient through difficult times.

The Royal Palace of Madrid's history is also personal, with stories of royal family life, mystery, and the weight of responsibility carried by rulers who formerly occupied its walls. For centuries, Spanish kings have been housed in the Royal Palace of Madrid, a grand architectural masterpiece. From the 18th-century King Philip V to the current Spanish royal dynasty, including King Felipe VI, the palace has served as the luxurious residence of kings, symbolising Spain's rich history and royal legacy. Today, the Royal Palace is a living chapter in the history of Spain, a site where the past whispers through its hallways and visitors feel a sense of a nation's glory.

Historical Attractions In Royal Palace Of Madrid

The Royal Palace of Madrid has several glorious attractions one must look out for. Take a stroll through the enchanting Sabatini Gardens and learn more about the history of Spain in the Royal Armory. Be sure to get dazzled by the crown jewels in the Crown Room and the Hall of Mirrors.

The Mesmerizing Sabatini Gardens
The Mesmerizing Sabatini Gardens

Situated at the northern side of the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Sabatini Gardens is one of the two gardens in the palace. The garden has been named after Francesco Sabatini, the architect who designed the first floor plan of the palace. The garden is vast and it extends to the Calle de Bailén and the Cuesta de San Vicente.

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Plaza de la Armería
Plaza de la Armería

Located in the south of the palace building, the Plaza de la Armeria or the Armory Square is the main square in the palace. You will get to witness the Ceremony of Changing the Royal Guards at the Plaza de la Armeria if you visit the Royal Palace Madrid on the first Wednesday of the month.

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Royal Armory
Royal Armory

The Royal Armory of Madrid is known to be one of the best in the world. The Madrid Royal Palace contains treasured pieces of armoury from as early as the 15th century. The equipment used by Emperor Charles V in the Battle of Muhlberg and the riding gear of Carlos V and Felipe II can be found here among many other notable pieces. You will also find the signed armour by one of the greatest armourers, Filippo Negroli.

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The Crown Room
The Crown Room

The Crown Room in the palace used to be the Chamber of Queen Maria. The Crown, the Sceptre and noteworthy jewels are put on display here. Made out of chiselled, embossed and gilded silver, the Crown belonged to Carlos III. The sceptre, which has been made out of rock crystal, silver-plated filigree, enamels, and garnets set, dates back to the reign of Charles II.

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Hall Of Mirrors
Hall Of Mirrors

Made with pink marbles and a thin layer of white and blue ornamentation, the Hall of Mirrors is one of the most beautiful rooms in the Royal Palace Madrid. Originally it would be used by Queen Maria Luisa de Parma, the wife of Carlos IV, as a dressing table.

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Hall Of Columns
Hall Of Columns

The Halls of Columns in the Royal Palace of Madrid is the room where official balls and receptions used to take place. Signing of important treaties also used to be held in the Hall of Columns. The Treaty of Spain's accession to the European Community has been signed within the walls of this hall. You will also get to see some famous and mesmerising work of classical art here. The sculpture of Charles V of Germany and Charles I of Spain has been showcased here. The Belgian tapestries and the stunning vault in this hall are some of the major attractions.

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Main Staircase
Main Staircase

The Main Staircase of the Madrid Royal Palace grabs all the attention. There are 72 marble steps in the staircase and it has two levels. There is a grand sculpture of Carlos III at the central landing of the Main Staircase. It is a splendid work of architecture by Sabatini. The staircase is known to have been particularly admired by the great dictator and French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

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Gasparini’s Hall
Gasparini’s Hall

Gasparini’s Hall is one of the most impressively decorated rooms in the Royal Palace of Madrid. It used to be the chamber of Carlos III in his time. It has now been named after Matias Gasparini, the artist who bears the credits for designing this room. The marble floors and the silver thread of the tapestries in this hall are strikingly beautiful. The hall is now used by the King to welcome his royal guests for an aperitif or coffee in this room.

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Royal Chapel
Royal Chapel

The Royal Chapel in the Marid Royal Palace is a room where the architectural project has never been finished. It consists of a grand altar and the ceiling contains the paintings of Sachetti and Ventura Rodriguez. The musical organ in the Royal Chapel is quite a unique one owing to its quality of sound. It has been made according to tradition by Ferdinand VI, for whom music was paramount.

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Royal Palace of Madrid History FAQs

When was the Royal Palace of Madrid built?

    The Royal Palace of Madrid's history spans more than two centuries, beginning in 1738. This palace is a labour of love and craftsmanship that symbolises the hard work of numerous architects and builders who devoted their talent to this project. It is a symbol of Spain's long history and monarchy, with centuries of royal life and significant events taking place within its walls.

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