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The Royal Palace of Madrid is an 18th-century architectural marvel whose extravagance is striking to all eyes. Delve into the lavish artwork of the Palace that resembles Renaissance and Baroque styles, and witness the sheer grandeur of the largest Palace in Europe. The Palace consists of Exhibition halls that showcase some very important aspects of the Royal Family and the Royal Palace too, like the library, the pharmacy, the armoury, and more. The facets on display here can provide you with a good idea regarding the Royal lifestyle of old times, their taste in art and culture, and also their position of authority.

The Exhibitions In Royal Palace of Madrid can give visitors a wholesome understanding about the history, architecture, and wartime strategies of not just the Spanish Royalty, but also the whole of Spain. You may wish to explore the exhibitions with a keen eye for detail, as even the minute engravings and designs bear a heavy significance of Spanish culture. You can gain crucial insights into the past of this land and help it make sense of the present times as well. Starting from the frames of paintings to the motifs of bindings, these exhibitions in Royal Palace of Madrid are a remarkable learning experience.

Royal Armoury

The Royal Armoury in the Royal Palace of Madrid is one of the most important artillery and weapon exhibitions in Europe. There are collectibles that date back to the mediaeval era and early modern era. You can note the detailed designs of artefacts that give them a lavish look, and portray the sheer power of the Empire. You will also find grand displays of mannequins of horses with soldiers mounted upon them, that showcase how the Kings and soldiers used to prepare themselves during times of war.

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Royal Pharmacy

The Royal Pharmacy is a very intriguing part of the Madrid Palace Exhibitions. There you can find the age-old vials and jars that preserve medicinal compounds for usage by the Royal Family of Spain. Wander at the stunning cabinets cushioned with velvet, that store medicinal herbs in containers made of ceramic and porcelain. You can also explore the old laboratory where compounds were made by Royal Pharmacists, for the Royalty.

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Palace Galleries

The ornate galleries of the Royal Palace of Madrid justifies the regality of palace interiors. The walls are decorated with paintings and frescoes by timeless artists like Caravaggio, Francisco de Goya, Velazquez, and Juan de Flandes. Get mesmerised to witness the huge works of art that depict scenarios of mediaeval Spain.

The expansive ceilings are covered with jaw-dropping masterpieces that exemplify the magnificent cultural progression of the old times, and the genius of the most popular artists as well. While on your tour, take note of the frames of the paintings and pictures too as they reveal a lot about the taste of the Royal Family in art.

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Porcelain Room

The Porcelain Room is a stunning Hall that is clothed in beautiful art pieces and embellished walls. Starting from the ceiling, down to the floor, every bit of this hall is a stunning sight to witness. The grandeur of this exhibition lies in the extravagant artwork that is inspired by the Baroque, Rococo, and Renaissance styles.

The porcelain artworks are coloured in vibrant hues and some parts of them are also lined with gold, silver, and other precious materials. These artefacts speak of the exquisite taste of the Royal Family and their magnificent collection of porcelain materials. This hall of Royal Palace Madrid is one of the most visited rooms by tourists.

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Royal Library

The Royal Library is a collection of rare books that are well-preserved to this date. You can witness the evolution of covers and bindings that keep the documents and papers together. Note the iron and gold laces, and polychromic laces that bear Gothic, Neoclassical, and Romantic motifs upon the bindings as well. It also displays maps of the Spanish territory under rule by different Kings, and Medals received by the Royal Family on display here. There are scores of musicians archived safely here as well.

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Gardens and Grounds

The Gardens and Grounds of the Royal Palace of Madrid are a beautiful and tranquil oasis in the heart of the city. The gardens feature a wide range of trees, plants, and flowers, including several species that are rare or endangered. Visitors can stroll through the gardens and admire the stunning architecture of the palace from different angles. The Gardens and Grounds are a perfect place to relax and unwind while enjoying the natural beauty of Madrid.

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Know Before You Go To Royal Palace Of Madrid

How to reach

  • Metro: The nearest metro station is Ópera (Lines 2 and 5), which is just a few minutes' walk from the palace.
  • Bus: Several buses stop near the palace, including Lines 3, 25, and 39.
  • Taxi: Taxis are widely available in Madrid and can drop you off at the palace entrance.
  • Walking: If you are staying in the city center, you can easily walk to the palace. It's a beautiful walk through the historic streets of Madrid.
  • Bicycle: Madrid has a public bicycle-sharing system called BiciMAD, which allows you to rent bicycles and explore the city at your own pace.

Opening Hours -

  • October to March: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • April to September: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Best Time to Visit - The best time to visit the exhibition of the Royal Palace of Madrid is during the weekdays, particularly in the morning hours when the palace is less crowded. It's also important to note that the palace may be closed during state ceremonies or events, so it's best to plan your visit accordingly.

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What kind of exhibitions are held at the Royal Palace of Madrid?

There are several exhibitions held at the Royal Palace of Madrid like the Royal Armoury, Royal Pharmacy, Porcelain Rooms, Royal Library, and the vast galleries that are filled with masterpieces of art. The Palace in itself is a work of Baroque and Renaissance art which can truly steal your breath away.

Are there any additional fees for visiting the exhibitions?

No, there are no additional fees for visiting the Madrid Palace Exhibitions. However, there is an entry fee to access the Palace, which is dependent upon the kind of ticket you wish to purchase. Although, Monday to Thursday the entry to the Palace is free from 5 p.m onwards.

Are guided tours available for the exhibitions?

Yes, guided tours are available to explore the majestic Royal Palace of Madrid and the exhibition halls inside it. There are two kinds of guided tours available for touring this place, human guide and audio guide. Although, you can expect an increased ticket price for booking guided tours.

Can I take photographs during the exhibitions?

It depends upon the kind of exhibition that you wish to record, and that varies from place to place. The Royal Armoury prohibits any kind of recording, whereas the porcelain room is open to the public for taking pictures. It is advisable to check with the management before clicking snaps, although usage of flashlights and tripods may be restricted.

Are the exhibitions accessible for visitors with disabilities?

Yes, the exhibitions are accessible to visitors with disabilities. There is a provision for borrowing wheelchairs from the management of this destination to help all the visitors have a seamless experience. The Royal Palace of Madrid is a wheelchair-friendly place, and the upper levels are accessible by lifts as well.


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